The 20% Airline Student Discount is applicable for DOMESTIC FLIGHTS only.

All Filipino students can avail of this discount. From elementary, high school, college, and even technical-vocational students as long as they are enrolled.

The discount is even applicable during weekends and holidays.

The airline student discounts are not applicable for post-graduate students (law, doctoral, master, and medicine).

The airline student discounts are also not applicable to those enrolled in informal short-term classes such as driving school, seminar-type, and students of dancing, swimming, and music classes.

To be accepted for the 20% Student Discount, students MUST HAVE:

  • A duly issued school identification card (IDs)
  • The¬†current validated enrollment form

PLUS ANY ONE of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Latest School Records (Form 137)
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Passport

The airline student discount can only be applied to the base fare or the price of the ticket before taxes and costs for ancillary services. (Section 5, R.A. 11314)

Penalties will be given to anyone falsifying documents given during the verification process.

This discount is based on The Student Fare Discount Act or Republic Act No 11314 signed by President Duterte.